How often is the Wikipedia updated?

Answer Instantly.

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How to know when when a Wikipedia article was last updated ?

I believe it says down at the bottom of the web page.

How can Wikipedia be updated so fast?

Many people use it actively, and so many people are using at the same time. Also, people like to look at articles they have already written or helped write often, and if someone changes it to false... Read More »

How do you check when an article on wikipedia was last updated?

You click the "view history" tab, it should be close to the upper right corner of the page. The most recent change is shown first, then the rest in backwards chronological order all the way back to... Read More »

Why is that my updated wikipedia page come second to my previously deleted page on the same name when searched?

That's presumably just a quirk of the internal search engine; don't worry about it. No one has any manual control over the internal search engine results, and it doesn't take into article deletions... Read More »