How often does a fat baby fart?

Answer Waaaay tooooo much. Poops waaaay tooo much, also!!!!!!

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How often does the average human urinate?

Well... at least 20 times a day unless you have a bladder infection or some sort of medical problem.

How often does the average American family move?

The average American family moves every five years. This equals about 16 times throughout the average lifetime. On average, each move will take approximately 50 boxes, or 800 boxes throughout a lif... Read More »

How often does the average homeowner file insurance claims?

Homeowners insurance claims are not too common. Analysts ISO and the Insurance Information Institute say there's an average of just under six claims made on any one property over a 100-year period.... Read More »

On average how much TV does a person watch?

According to A.C. Nielson Co., the average American watches more than four hours of television each day. By the time the average person reaches 65 years of age, he will have watched more than nine ... Read More »