How often does the BlackBerry 8830 check mail?

Answer There are several ways you can receive email on a BlackBerry 8830 series phone. BlackBerry's website allows users to register hostnames, usernames and passwords for a certain number of email accoun... Read More »

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How often does a BlackBerry Curve check for new email?

How often the BlackBerry Curve checks for new email messages depends on the type of email account and the server. By default, an email account is updated every 15 minutes. Yahoo and Google email me... Read More »

What does the sym button do on my BlackBerry 8830?

Use the "sym" button on the BlackBerry 8830 to insert symbols in texts, emails or memos. Click it twice for a menu of emoticons to appear. Also use the symbol button to set the default currency.Ref... Read More »

Blackberry 8830 Battery Problems?

Canadian electronics manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) has been steadily producing mobile devices under the name Blackberry for over a decade. With a variety of models available through most ne... Read More »

Can an EXE file be read on a Blackberry 8830?

An .EXE file cannot be opened or read on a BlackBerry 8830 or any other BlackBerry model. The .EXE file format is used for Windows PCs and cannot be opened by any other system.Source:The Unofficia... Read More »