Should a woman have sex during her period?

Answer Tell him to be patient if he really loves you. He'll understand eventually. If you tell him that you can't have sex when you're on your period and he keeps on begging you, maybe he's just in for th... Read More »

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Does a woman get her period right after she has given birth?

Would a woman still get her period if she's in a coma?

Yup - you still get it. You still wee and poo as well. You get cleaned up :)That's what the nurse is for.

Can a woman become pregnant without ever having a period?

Yes. A period comes after ovulation. If you conceive the first time you ovulate, you won't have a period, which is what you get when you ovulate and do not conceive. The uterine lining is prepared ... Read More »

Why does every woman in the world get their period the same week?