How often does a toddler need a bath?

Answer According to pediatrician David Geller on, most children benefit from a bath at least twice a week. Active toddlers who play outdoors may require more frequent baths, and some parent... Read More »

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How can you secure bath tub knobs so your toddler cannot take a bath on their own?

AnswerIt depends what type of knobs you have in your bath tub. Go to a hardware store and they can give you some solutions to the problem. It's best to have a lock on your bathroom door (keep a spa... Read More »

How to Make a Hot Steam Bath for a Toddler?

Steam baths are ideal for helping sick toddlers without the use of medicine. The warm steam helps open up the chest and alleviate cold and flu symptoms. While many companies offer professional stea... Read More »

How much sleep does a toddler need?

Sleep is central to a child's well-being. Although each child has his own special sleep needs, most toddlers sleep 10 to 13 hours each night. Establishing a regular bedtime routine can help toddler... Read More »

Does a toddler need a plane ticket?

Children under the age of 2 years old who you will hold in your lap do not need their own plane tickets for domestic flights in the United States. Each airline has its own policies for discounted t... Read More »