How often can the IRS audit a person?

Answer The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has the legal right to audit you every tax year, if there are items in your tax return that need attention. Only one audit is done per tax year, unless the IRS st... Read More »

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How Often Can a Person Claim Bankruptcy?

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How Often Should a Person Go to the Dentist?

Wrongful death settlements can be awarded to the decedent's surviving relatives based upon compensation for physical injuries, emotional distress and punitive damages. Wrongful death settlements fo... Read More »

How often can a person file Chapter 13? states that a person can file Chapter 13 bankruptcy after two years has passed since a previous Chapter 13, or four years has passed since filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. There is no limit... Read More »

How often should a person fertilize plants?

Fertilizer is necessary to help both indoor and outdoor plants grow. Fertilizing outdoor plants every two weeks during their growth season is the ideal recommendation. Moderation is the key to fert... Read More »