How often does a mother and her newborn stay in the hospital?

Answer If you mean "how long"? it depends on the health of the mother and baby, and if it is her first, second or later, and how much help she has at home. Most mothers and babies who are healthy and have... Read More »

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Can you leave a newborn at the hospital if you don't want it?

No Only if you want to be arrested for child abandonment. If you wish to put the child up for adoption, use the proper channels. It is better to make your wishes known sooner, rather than later, so... Read More »

Who takes care of newborn babies in the hospital?

The trend in hospital care is to have the mother care for her newborn as much as possible during the hospital stay. If the newborn should have to be separated from the mother, natal nurse professio... Read More »

Can a father take a newborn from its mother?

How to Take Care of a Newborn Kitten Without a Mother?

During the first four weeks of life, a newborn kitten is entirely dependent on its mother for food, warmth and protection. If a newborn kitten has been separated from or rejected by its mother, it ... Read More »