How often does a dog need to be bathed?

Answer Generally, you can bathe your dog once a month although some breeds can be bathed less frequently. Bathing your dog more often may be necessary when it has rolled in a foul-smelling substance, has ... Read More »

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How often should an infant be bathed?

On One Hand: Bathing FrequencyBathing an infant too often can cause his or her sensitive skin to dry out. The Mayo Clinic recommends bathing babies only a few times a week, either by sponge bath or... Read More »

An 82 y/o man we know hasn't bathed in months he said but he never smells and he does wash his hair?

you would be shocked to know how many older people bath less often and you can't tell

How Often Does a Car Need a Tune-Up?

Automobiles are highly complex machines with a variety of interdependent systems. As such they require periodic maintenance to perform at their peak efficiency. This periodic maintenance is usually... Read More »

How Often Does a Car Need an Oil Change?

Oil changes are one of the easiest and most regular maintenance routines for your vehicle. If the oil is not changed, it will become dirty and clog the oil galleys and pumps. Once oil cannot flow t... Read More »