How often does a PC need disk clean up?

Answer On One Hand: Once a MonthSome people recommend you run the disk cleanup utility once a month to remove the temporary files that build up over that time and empty the recycle bin. This can free up ... Read More »

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Does a recovery disk clean the registry?

A recovery disk is used to recover lost programs, the operating system and drivers on a computer. Most recovery disks contain the original operating system that came with the computer at the time o... Read More »

Does a new hard drive need a recovery disk?

If you are installing a new hard drive and plan to use it as your main system drive, you will need a recovery disk or a Windows installation disk in order to install an operating system on the driv... Read More »

How often does a dog need to be bathed?

Generally, you can bathe your dog once a month although some breeds can be bathed less frequently. Bathing your dog more often may be necessary when it has rolled in a foul-smelling substance, has ... Read More »

How Often Does a Car Need an Oil Change?

Oil changes are one of the easiest and most regular maintenance routines for your vehicle. If the oil is not changed, it will become dirty and clog the oil galleys and pumps. Once oil cannot flow t... Read More »