How often does Google Earth update it's photographs of the globe?

Answer Not often enough LOL - they definitely need to do it more often!

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How often does Google Latitude update?

Google Latitude doesn't have a set time interval to update your location information. Instead, it determines the update time interval by several factors, including your handset's battery life and h... Read More »

How often does Google update its map pictures?

According to the Google Earth site, Google maps are updated as new images become available from data providers, typically every one to three years. Google offers a monthly newsletter, "The Sightse... Read More »

How often does Google Earth get new satellite images?

The more populated areas update more often than rural areas. Images of NYC update several times a year, images of rural Mongolia may be ten years old.It's not on any kind of regular schedule.The ov... Read More »

How often does google earth take a pic of the land?

It really depends on how often Google receives images to put in Google Earth. However, almost everyday some content is placed. They do update everything in about 2 years or less.