How often do you water your cumquat tree?

Answer Answer The need to water varies enormously depending on climate, weather, soil type, mulch etc. In general terms, feel beneath the soil to a depth of several inches to see if it is damp. If dry, th... Read More »

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Why does water bubble up from ground after you water your tree?

The ground drinks the water and air underneath the surface forces its way up.

How to Water a Fig Tree?

Like many fruit-bearing trees, fig trees have particular watering needs. These trees do not handle drought well, in large part due to their root system, which, according to Texas A&M University Ext... Read More »

How much should you water a magnolia tree?

Magnolia trees should be watered every day to keep them green and rich in nutrients, but they should only be given enough water to wet the roots and dampen the soil. Magnolia roots should not be si... Read More »

How to Get Water from a Tree with a Plastic Bag?

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