How often do you water burning bushes?

Answer water it as often as it is burning to extinguish the flames...if it survives water it and fertilize it so that it will recover

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What Are the Effects of Pruning Burning Bushes on the Root System?

The root system of a burning bush is not affected by pruning unless the plant has not had time to become well established. Burning bushes, also known as winged euonymus, are hardy landscape shrubs ... Read More »

How to Water Blueberry Bushes?

The blueberry is a versatile fruit that grows well in sunny locations. Blueberry bushes are shallow-rooting plants, so they require a well-draining soil to thrive. With proper care and cultivation,... Read More »

Some yellow leaves on my rose bushes; is it lack of water?

Yellowing leaves can be a symptom of several maladies.1. If the soil for your rose bush is too alkaline or too deficient in iron, this may cause yellowing of the leaves. Soil with excess phosphoru... Read More »

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