How often do you vandalise Wikipedia, and how long before the wikifiddlers notice?

Answer so sad. .. .. .. can you not think of anything constructive to do with your spare time?

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Lo i changed wikipedia did anyone notice?

Did u notice what i done to united states in wikipedia?

Wow, aren't you great!!!! You EDITED WIKIPEDIA TO CONTAIN NONSENSE. That's something ONLY A FEW THOUSAND MORONS do each day!!!! Don't you feel great to be in that group?Oh, by the way, it was rever... Read More »

What is the funniest way to vandalise a wiki?

I wouldn't jeopardize my Wikipedia membership for some silly vandalizing, however I have read some funny stuff. The ones that are the worst are the ones where people have changed a celebrities stat... Read More »

How long is an eviction notice valid in Colorado?

Prior to obtaining a court order, the landlord must post written notice to the tenant informing him of the violation to the lease. The tenant then has three days, starting the day after the notice ... Read More »