How often do you talk about your menstrual adventures?

Answer Maybe your friend is reaching out to you, some ladies truly struggle with their periods, the bloating and mood swings that go along with them. I feel as a true friend you should embrace this poo... Read More »

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For over 4 years you have been doing all kinds of stuff with your cousin but you never talk about what you do should you talk to him about it or just ignore it?

Depends on how close cousins you are and what your family and community think of cousin relationships. However, it is usually best to talk, not to assume or ignore.

How do you talk to your teenage son about the past and his abusive now absent father if your not quite sure what he remembers in the first place but you know he is angry and confused about it?

AnswerThe big thing is to first create a safe environment where he understands the topic of abuse. Things like fighting fairly, saying what you mean during a discussion, not being passive-aggressiv... Read More »

How often is a woman on her menstrual cycle?

According to Planned Parenthood, some menstrual cycles are 21 days. Others are up to 35 days long. The menstrual cycle is the time between the first day of one period and the first day of the follo... Read More »

How to Talk to Your Teachers About Your Bipolar Disorder if You Are a Teen?

Explaining a bipolar disorder to a teacher is not easy to do, just as it is difficult explaining any kind of disorder. Being too direct with a teacher can be a bit overwhelming but saying nothing c... Read More »