How often do you take shower per week?

Answer when i go running i shower twice a day. when not, i shower once a day. so maybe 10-14 times per many times do you shower?

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I take a shower once a week is that gross?

First of all, you`ll be an adult in a year. I don`t know if it`s your religion or something, but your parents shouldn`t be putting you through that. That can effect your social life and your health... Read More »

How often do u take a bath (not shower) in a week?

erm.. maybe a few times a year?.. I don't take baths that much.. shower yes. bath no

Mom restricted me from shower for a week?

How about talking to her like an adult instead of going around her rules?Set up a system with a timer - you have 5 minutes and that's it. No exceptions. You get 10 minutes in the bathroom after tha... Read More »

Didnt shower 4 a week?

YES!!! Your skin is the 1st defense against external disease. To be clean and sanitary is to be healthy and wise.