How often do you need to replace ink cartridges?

Answer Ink cartridge replacement depends on ink cartridge size and the print job. For example, if the cartridge rates at 500 pages of double spaced text, replace the cartridge after 500 pages using double... Read More »

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How often do you need to replace cell phone batteries?

Batteries typically last up to 2 years without drastically losing capacity. To ensure your battery realizes the longevity you desire, avoid charging every day, extreme temperature changes, leaving ... Read More »

How Often Do You Really Need to Replace a Brita Pitcher Filter?

Brita pitcher filters do not technically filter water; rather they improve the taste of tap water by reducing metals and additional chemicals. Brita filters do not remove microbial elements but are... Read More »

How often do you need to replace vinyl pool liner and how much do they charge to do that?

Replace it if it leaks or if it fades & looks bad. Almost every pool installer also does pool repair. They will come measure your pool and order a custom made liner(if needed) to replace it. We ha... Read More »

How often should I clean my print cartridges?

No, overcleaning the cartridges will not make them print worse or spoilt them. However, cleaning them when you do not need to causes you to waste ink. Most printers use a little ink from the cartri... Read More »