How often do you have to upgrade a video card?

Answer On One Hand: When the Current Card Has Poor Performance.You may never need to replace the video card in a computer if you never notice that the card is underperforming. Symptoms of an outdated card... Read More »

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Video card: Double up or upgrade?… Save up for this card, it isn't that much more than your budget for the 2600 and will double it in performance vs. crossfire of your old card...

Can I upgrade the video card on my Ultrabook?

Looking to upgrade my Video Card.....?

I would go for the 7850 though, since it is a much newer card and performs much better that tne 6950 in most modern games. It is using a completely different architecture as well, which means it wi... Read More »

How to Upgrade a Windows XP Video Card?

A video card is an important component to all computer systems that have video or sound capability. The video card allows generation of images and image viewing on the computer. The type of card in... Read More »