How often do you have a bath/shower?

Answer I live in upstate new york/bordering canada and I take a shower everyday, if I take a shower in the afternoon on say a saterday, I'll take another late shower in next day (lazy weekend) unless I we... Read More »

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I have type one diabetes and treat it accordingly and still have to pee so often why is that?

You don't say what your numbers actually are. The renal threshold for glucose, which determines the glucose level at which you start dumping glucose into your urine, can vary considerably from one ... Read More »

How Many Offspring Does a Gray Bat Have and How Often Do They Have Them?

The gray bat, or Myotis grisescens, is an endangered species that lives in areas throughout 12 states, including Missouri, Tennessee, Alabama, Illinois, Indiana and Florida. They weigh only 0.4 to ... Read More »

How often do you have to have a 1,000-gallon septic tank pumped?

How often a 1,000-gallon septic tank needs to be pumped out depends on the size of the family. According to Soil Facts, for a family of 4, it needs to be pumped every 3 years. However, if your hous... Read More »

How often do you have to have your vehicle emissions checked?

The frequency of your vehicle emissions checks depends upon the type of vehicle you own and the state in which you live. Two-year or five-year checks are becoming the norm for cars.References:Auto ... Read More »