How often do you harvest compost piles?

Answer Compost is only harvested after the plant materials have decomposed to a dark, crumbly condition. This indicates that the compost is finished

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Why do people have compost piles?

Because they want to use it in their gardens.For one thing, composting all organic matter (kitchen scraps, yard waste, manure, etc.) reduces the amount of garbage that has to go into landfills. Tha... Read More »

Do compost piles need sun or shade?

It is best to place your compost pile in the sun because the heat helps the materials to break down. However, sun-exposed piles require more frequent watering to prevent them from drying out, warns... Read More »

Can Cherry Pits Go in Compost Piles?

When starting a compost pile it is best to find out what you can actually add to your pile. It isn't the best idea to put cherry and other fruit pits in compost piles as they take up to 10 years to... Read More »

Do compost piles attract skunks?

Compost piles, pet food and incorrectly stored garbage will attract skunks and other unwanted visitors. Find secure containers for those items in order to keep skunks and pests at bay.References:Go... Read More »