How often do you get on Youtube?

Answer About every other day, I love watching videos! Music, television shows, name it! Youtube's got it.

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How often/How many minutes do you watch youtube a day?

Of you count listening to music on YouTube then probably well over 2hrs. If not then probably 30-60 min.

How often do you find yourself in the "weird place" on YouTube?

its very common for me... i start watching one video then that video lead me to other and other and i end up watching stuff i didnd intent to. always end up with the thought "how in the hell i got... Read More »

Why is it with men masturbating so often they don't lean towards tendinitis more often?

It takes longer than 90 seconds at a shot to develop tendonitis.

How often is too often to take a laxative to aid in weight loss?