How often do you find yourself in the "weird place" on YouTube?

Answer its very common for me... i start watching one video then that video lead me to other and other and i end up watching stuff i didnd intent to. always end up with the thought "how in the hell i got... Read More »

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When you bite yourself inside of your mouth on accident, why do you keep biting yourself in the same place?

It's like Mopar and Busybake said, you bit it causing trauma and the cheek to swell, now it's easier for you to continue biting it. Give it a day or two of using really warm salt water rinses seve... Read More »

Where is a good place to get YouTube Layouts and stuff for your youtube channel.?

Theres some really awesome layouts on this site, i know i personally love them. Theres a ton of stuff on there for your youtube channel, enjoy!

Is it weird to shield yourself from the Sun?

Haha, I do that, too! But I don't give a crap what people think about it. It's really no big deal. They can suffer through the sun blinding their eyes. (:

What are some weird/random stuff about yourself?

I have a VERY sensitive weird bump in my calf muscule. If you squeeze it, it hurts MORE than squeezing a testicle!When I go to the doctor, they say, oh its nothing, you will be fine, although I th... Read More »