How often do you drink tea?

Answer Never, can`t stand it or coffee..Just water here...

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What should I drink at a bar if I don't drink often?

Get a club soda. It looks like a drink but you won't have to worry about getting drunk. Don't put on airs or act like you know what you're doing. Be up front that you are inexperienced but want to ... Read More »

Do you drink every day If not, how often do you drink?

I drink everyday! Screwdrivers on my night off and if I have to work I drink Michelob Ultra before work!

How often do you drink?

wel i drink water everyday if thats what you meanlol

How often do you drink alcohol?

aw, aren't you a caring person:) why does he know about this? im going to punch your face in someday. honestly iqi, just keep him away from me lol