How often do you drind water?

Answer um.. i drink water everyday.. i dont think i could survive without water for one day.. or even an hour.. its good for my skin

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How often do you water an orchid?

Never add icy cold water to an Orchid Plant. regardless if it touches the plant or not. Only use warm or tepid water. Never remove a blooming orchid from it's pot. It will surely loose it's blooms.... Read More »

How often do you water Wheatgrass?

generally you need to water it when the soil starts to feel dry, otherwise you might rot the roots.

How often do you water begonias?

Water your begonias every week during hot, dry weather. Containerized begonias need watering more often. Check these begonias every other day for dry soil. Reduce the watering schedule when the wea... Read More »

How often do you water a cactus?

You should water a cactus once a week. If the plant starts to look bad water it once every nine days.