How often do you drain a 20000 gallon pool?

Answer Answer Consider draining and refilling approx. every 5 to 8 years. Have the water tested by your local pool store to determine if that would be nesessary for your particular pool. k

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If you want to convert your pool to saltwater are there any chlorine generators that will accommodate a 48000-gallon pool and where should you look and what would you expect to pay?

48,000 Gallons? That's a big pool! Being in the pool service business, I have installed many chlorine generators in residential pools. I haven't come across a residential unit that will accomodat... Read More »

What kind of pool filter should you buy 12000 gallon in ground pool?

I would always go with a sand filter, most of them are very similar in the way they work and so long as you stick with a reputable brand you should have no problems.

What do you do when the pool drain keeps seeping when the pool is emptied for painting?

Answer put a small pump down in the drain "little giant" is one brand that works they dont seem to mind running dry some DO NOT stop up the valve in the drain your pool will float and be destr... Read More »

To drain or not to drain dirty pool?

if you didn't cover it, then yes drain it and tear it down.