How often do you bathe?

Answer lol i never really taken a "Bath" i just realized that....i felt like $hit now...thanks

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How often to you bathe a newborn?

We started with only sponge baths for about 2 weeks, and did these every other day unless she was really dirty. After that we gave her a good wipe down (folds of skin, diaper areas, etc.) every da... Read More »

How often should you bathe a newborn?

I asked this question a ton, and got 500 different answers. But the one I got I trusted. My pediatrician and long time family doctor says "They don't really get dirty, hunny". Bathing twice weekly ... Read More »

Why is it with men masturbating so often they don't lean towards tendinitis more often?

It takes longer than 90 seconds at a shot to develop tendonitis.

How to Bathe a Big Dog?

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