How often do women give birth on their due date?

Answer The due date is really just an expectation based on statistics. If you plotted number of days from start of last mentruation to birth on a graph, you would get something like a bell curve that peak... Read More »

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Why do women in hospital more often than not give birth lying flat on their backs?

Well, I had an whether I was pushing out a baby or a "big poo" it would not have mattered to me.The epidural made my body numb so there was no other way to do it but laying down....I ... Read More »

Want to find a birth certificate for a family member to obtain their date of birth?

If they are living, you cannot, they have to apply for it.If they are deceased, contact the county that the relative was born in. They will be able to provide the appropriate form to allow you to g... Read More »

When women give birth why do most women?

BD M, You should realize that it hurts tremendously for the woman too. Can you imagine squeezing a watermelon through a pencil-sized hole? It's gonna hurt.Have you ever said something out of desp... Read More »

How do women give birth?

It comes right out of there butt and then there is a live or dead baby. It is happier when it is alive though. I am the oldest in the family. Besides MOM and DAD. :l