How often do termites swarm?

Answer It takes most termite colonies at least three years to produce swarms. Termites usually swarm when the weather warms in the spring, and then disperse to start new colonies. The exact season varies ... Read More »

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Do swarm termites eat wood?

Swarmer termites do not eat wood. Instead, they are sent as scouts to find potential suitable areas for the development of a new termite colony. However, white worker termites do eat wood and can d... Read More »

How long do termites live once they swarm?

Once termites start to swarm, they only live a few hours before dying. Termites swarm when an established colony produces winged variants that spread their species. If you see swarming termites in ... Read More »

Does a swarm mean a nest?

A swarm does not mean a nest. A swarm is a word used to describe a group of objects that are on the ground or in the air. For instance, a group of insects occupying a nest is called a swarm.Source:... Read More »

How to Put a Swarm in a Hive?

Beekeeping is an environmentally friendly hobby that provides the beekeeper with plenty of plant pollinators and a ready supply of honey. Honeybee swarms can be captured in the wild, but most beeke... Read More »