How often do people refinance their homes?

Answer When mortgage interest rates are low, homeowners tend to refinance their mortgage loans more often. This became an issue in the early 2000s; Fannie Mae in 2003, instituted a policy forbidding homeo... Read More »

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How often do people refinance their mortgages?

Refinancing your mortgage can often have significant financial benefit, decreasing monthly payments and saving money on interest paid. The key to a beneficial refinance is timing. The frequency wit... Read More »

Why do people not relax in the front garden of their homes?

Good question, most people like to have privacy, some neighbours might think you are watching them, you cannot laze about with little clothing on like you can in the back, traffic is another concer... Read More »

Why are people so hesitant to introduce colour into their homes?

I grew up in a home with bold colors. I disagree with people who state that it's hard to find furniture to match. I think people shy away from color because they are afraid to move away from the st... Read More »

What percentage of French people live in their own homes in France?

54 percent of French people live in their own homes. By comparison, 65 percent of United States residents are homeowners. Ireland has the highest percent of homeowners in the world; 83 percent of I... Read More »