How often do newborn puppies eat?

Answer Puppies should nurse or be fed about every two hours. If a puppy has had enough to eat it will sleep quietly. If it has not eaten enough it will be restless.Source:Pet Caring for N... Read More »

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How to Care for Newborn Puppies?

Interested in raising a litter of cute little puppies? Here's a quick nuts-and-bolts of what it entails, with special emphasis on the requirements for hand-raising them if their mother is not on th... Read More »

Diarrhea in Newborn Puppies?

When newborn puppies have diarrhea it can be frightening for pet owners. You automatically assume that there must be something wrong with the puppies and you'd be right to assume so. There are a fe... Read More »

Medical Information for Newborn Puppies?

Taking care of newborn puppies requires an observant eye and ear, diligent medical updates and attentive care. Keeping newborn puppies warm is number one because chilling can result in serious illn... Read More »

How to Relieve Constipation in Newborn Puppies?

Raising newborn puppies is a rich, rewarding activity. If the mother of the puppies is not present, you must keep the puppies warm and fed and be careful not to over-handle them. Not having a mothe... Read More »