How often do navy reserves get paid is it broken up into two paychecks on the 1st and 15th like regular navy?

Answer It sure is not. You are not active therefore you will not get active pay. They only pay you for drill weekends and the 2 week minimum you work. Now you can activate for no longer than 6 months brok... Read More »

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Navy reserves to active navy?

Ask your leadership about TAR/FTS programs. Without making it a long speech there are programs and your leadership should have information on both the above programs.

What is the difference between the navy and the navy reserves?

The Difference between the Navy and the Navy Reserves is that Navy is Active duty. This means that naval personnel belong to, work for, and get paid by the Navy 24 hours a day. Navy Reserve person... Read More »

Do Navy Reserves go to war?

Yes, U.S. Navy Reservists are mobilized to support war operations. In 2004, the U.S. had 89,000 members in the Naval Reserve, with about 22,000 mobilized in Operation Enduring Freedom (Iraq) and Op... Read More »

Can you enlist in the navy reserves with a GED?