How often do i need to get new dentures?

Answer On One Hand: At Least Every Five to Seven YearsAccording to Dr. Martin Spiller, you should get a new set of dentures every five to seven years, especially if you have not gone back for relining dur... Read More »

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Is having dentures all that bad?

On One Hand: Dentures Improve Quality of LifeDentures, also called false teeth, will improve your quality of life by helping to remedy issues caused by missing teeth. For instance, you will be able... Read More »

If you have dentures?

How to Clean Dentures?

It is important to establish a dental hygiene routine to care for your denture. In fact, you must clean a denture with more diligence than you ever cleaned your natural teeth.You should rinse or br... Read More »

Can you sleep with dentures?

Although you many be instructed to wear your dentures at night during the first few days, you should not wear dentures while you sleep beyond those first few days. By removing the dentures at nigh... Read More »