How often do I need to pump my septic tank?

Answer The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency suggests following the recommendation of a professional inspector, but gives a general septic tank pumping guideline of once every three to five years. The ... Read More »

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What does it mean to pump a septic tank?

When solids accumulate in a septic tank, they need to be pumped out (emptied) by a professional septic company. The Environmental Protection Agency indicates that this should be done when solids re... Read More »

How does it cost to pump a septic tank when there is back flow?

That seems a little high you should have a 1000 gallon tank which should be pumped for around a hundred dollars. Your septic field could be bad or maybe a broken pipe at the tank if you have bad fl... Read More »

Is it illegal to pump sewage from your septic tank onto the ground?

Pumping sewage onto or into the ground from a septic tank is illegal. Sewage must be pumped and removed by a waste control service or independent and fully licensed contractor. Contact with raw sew... Read More »

Septic tank?

Don't do that. Even if a product (such as baby wipes) says it is safe to flush it - don't! If you do flush the tampons, the man that comes to pump out the septic tank will scold you. I was SO em... Read More »