How often are you on the computer in a week!!?

Answer Daily, 12 hours nearly except friday

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Is it ok to leave your computer on for the whole week or is it bad for the computer?

This question has been asked since the personal computer was still in diapers. Back then I'd say turning off you pc would be more prefered but with new pc's, components are better made and are des... Read More »

How many hours a week do you use your computer.?

i think my computer uses me, Bob and more hours than it should apparently. Cheers.

I am going away for a week should i shut down my computer?

Would you leave your TV on for a week? Or even overnight?

Should I Turn My Computer Off If I Am Not Going to Use it for a Week?

The Harley Davidson company was founded by William Davidson and Arthur Harley in 1903 and since has been one of the leaders in motorcycle production. Keeping tires properly inflated, checking tires... Read More »