How often are animals really skinned alive in China?

Answer You ask about animals in general, so those would include animals used for both food and fur. Videos of dogs, snakes and fish being skinned alive can be easily found online. If we were to just loo... Read More »

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Halloween Costume Ideas for a Skinned Alive Adult Male?

Halloween is a time to share some scares, which you can do by creating a skinned alive costume. This creepy costume will make it appear your skin has been cut off, exposing the blood and muscles be... Read More »

Do american crocodiles eat dead animals or alive animals?…This is an interesting read.US crocodiles only live on the southern tip of Florida..else where those happen to be alligators. Related but different.And ye... Read More »

Can a light skinned woman and a dark skinned man have two dark skinned children in a row?

How did Michael Jackson became white-skinned from being dark-skinned?

No he did not take whitening pills. Michael Jackson suffers from a rare disease called vitiligo that causes the sufferer to loose pigment in their skin in blotches. Michael started to show signs ... Read More »