How often an one year old baby gets erection?

Answer any time. any male at any age can get an erection.

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My baby has not had an erection is this normal?

Me too, I have 2 years old baby, I have never seen him erected, and I noticed his body is almost free of hair.However my 5 years old baby started erection from day1?

Should an 8 year old get an erection over his naked mum?

Babies gets erections too and it has nothing to do with sex at that age. Don't worry, It's not uncommon.

If you are about to be 17-years-old and are pregnant by a 19-year-old can your parents make you give up the baby or keep you away from the father so you and your baby will never see him again?

no you are over sixteen you have the right to do what you want if i were you id keep it just shag up again

If two 16 year olds are having a baby and love each enough to raise the baby together what will happen to their relationship?

TOO YOUNGThe odds are extremely high that you will not be in this relationship by or before you turn 20, which is extremely unfortunate for the innocent child. The reason is that you both lack the ... Read More »