How often an one year old baby gets erection?

Answer any time. any male at any age can get an erection.

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How does it feel when a guy gets an erection?

If a 14-year-old girl gets pregnant by a 17 year-old willingly do they have legal custody of their child or could the state take their baby away?

Answerthe mother is the first to have custy but if you cant support your child then the state may step in and take the child do to the child best intrested but if the child is safe health have food... Read More »

My baby has not had an erection is this normal?

Me too, I have 2 years old baby, I have never seen him erected, and I noticed his body is almost free of hair.However my 5 years old baby started erection from day1?

What harm can a baby gets if a mother gets burnt on her tummy?

wow thats a VERY DIFFICULT QUESTION! but the pain problem would be... the baby would probably have back problems.