How often Do you really Floss I bet you're going to lie anyway...?

Answer 2 times wont take that long if you get the ones with the little handel and the floss in the middle of takes about a minute...your supposed to floss every time you brush your teeth

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How often do you floss?

How often should you floss your teeth?

Answer It's recommended that you floss at least once a day. The reason you want to do it every day is that bacteria begins to colonize and start damaging your teeth within 24 hours.

Do you really need to floss?

Answer Yes, you need to floss. Once a day. Twice if you want to be really good (the basic recommendation is to floss once a day and brush twice a day).Brushing alone does not clean between your tee... Read More »

Can i floss my teeth when having braces with a regular floss brush?

You can use regular floss but will need a flies threader to get under your braces. Your dentist will show you how. It is very important!