How much you can save refilling the cartridges of your printer...?

Answer I have only had problems with refilled ink cartridges. The low price is no compensation for the printer problems you may encounter.

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Is it true that refilling ink cartridges will damage a printer?

Some say, "Yes, it could ruin your printer."Others say, "No, it won't."Some say, "Yes, it ruined MY printer."Others say, "No, mine is working fine."I say:Consider how much it would cost to replace ... Read More »

Is refilling ink cartridges illegal?

Refilling ink cartridges is illegal in select cases, depending on factors such as the type of ink, original manufacturer labeling and refiller labeling. If the original manufacturer labels the cart... Read More »

Does refilling ink cartridges work?

On One Hand: It's Inexpensive and Creates Less WasteRefilling your printer's ink cartridge at home is a cost-effective way of keeping your printer running full-speed, and you don't have to throw aw... Read More »

Does anyone know the trick to refilling lexmark cartridges?

You may need to reset the cartridge1- Remove all ink cartridges from the printer, both black and color, new or refilled.2- Turn the printer off by pressing the Power button. Let the printer stay of... Read More »