How much yeast do you use in your toilet?

Answer On One Hand: Some Homeowners Flush YeastFlushing one or two packets of yeast down the toilet every 1-4 months is a practice of some homeowners with septic tank systems, as it's thought to help brea... Read More »

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Can you get a yeast infections from using the same toilet as someone who has a yeast infection?

No. Yeast infections are caused by an overgrowth of a yeast that naturally exists in the vagina. Since you already have that yeast in you so you can't be "infected" by anyone else.-----------------... Read More »

How much yeast is in one package of active dry yeast?

Fleischmann's Yeast, a leading yeast manufacturer, packages approximately 2¼ tsp. of active dry yeast in ¼ oz. envelopes for home bakers. For professional bakers, Fleischmann's produces packages ... Read More »

What is the cause of cracked corners of your toddler's mouth lasting about 4 weeks per year and is it a yeast infection or too much acid from juice?

Answer It sounds like he probaly just needs some lip balm. Put it on several times in the day and put it on at night when he/she goes to sleep and can't lick it off. My daughtet has a bad habit of ... Read More »

How much yeast is in a package?

2 1/4 tsp is the standard size of one package of yeast in the USA.When a recipe calls for a package, they are referring to the standard USA measure of 2 1/4 tsp of yeast.2 packages of yeast would b... Read More »