How much yarn is needed to crochet a blanket?

Answer Crochet a 5-inch square in the blanket's pattern. Mark the yarn after the last stitch and rip the square out and measure (in yards) how much yarn you used. Multiply that number by how many 5-inch s... Read More »

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How to Crochet a Blanket With Less Yarn?

Filet crochet is a fancy term for crocheting a mixture of stitches and chains. This results in crocheted fabric that is part solid stitching and part decorative spaces. A filet crochet afghan is la... Read More »

How to Crochet a Blanket With Multi-Color Yarn?

Crocheting a blanket, or afghan, is one of the classic projects embraced by crocheters throughout time. It's a great way to use up yarn from your stash and to make a well-loved heirloom quality gif... Read More »

How much fabric is needed to make a children's blanket?

Baby blankets can take as little as 2 yards of fabric, while a twin size quilt can take 11 yards or more. The amount of you'll need depends on the width of the fabric, the intricacy of the pattern,... Read More »

How to Buy Crochet Yarn?

In crocheting, you can use a crochet hook to pull loops of yarn through a slipknot. Yarn for crocheting can be made of natural fibers, synthetic fibers, or be blended to combine the qualities of bo... Read More »