How much would you spend for this pc?

Answer I never spend more than $300-400 for a PC, usually used. One of my main computers is still a PIII 833MHZ with 512RAM. It's primarily for bittorrent and disc burning, but also has MS Office and a ... Read More »

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Ladies Only. How much would you spend for a handbag?

The most I'd pay.....probably around $30. There's no way in hell I'd spend hundreds of dollars on a freakin hand bag! There's better things to spend that money on. Now...if someone wants to buy ... Read More »

On average how much would you spend on a nail polish?

Most of mine were around $5 but my max is 9 for a regular brand polish and 12 for indies(including shipping). For a regular brand one it would have to be very special for me to spend more than 9

How can i launch my own website and how much money will i have to spend for this?

There are free domains out there but if you want to have your own, try to search for hosting plans that is suitable for you. As for the website itself, if you have knowledge how to build one, your ... Read More »

I would like a better digital camera but don't want to spend much. Any suggestions?

Canon A-520 and above are awesome. Has starter point-and-shoot to advanced features. These cameras are available at very inexpensive price (around $150) and are really reliable and good.