How much would you pay for this bracelet?

Answer It really depends so much on where they are being sold. If you live in an artists community..or they are being sold at a little resort-esque town..with an art community (little adorable cobblestone... Read More »

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How to Put a Bracelet on by Yourself?

When you are home alone, it can be difficult to clasp a bracelet on your wrist. You can try to place your wrist and the dangling bracelet against a dresser drawer, holding it in place with your str... Read More »

What does a purple gel bracelet mean?

A purple gel bracelet means the person wearing the bracelet is willing to kiss someone of either sex. In a game called snap, the gel bracelet is snapped off the wearer’s wrist and the wearer is e... Read More »

What does the tennis bracelet mean?

Tennis bracelets, a popular gift item, do not have a special significance or meaning, said Susan Robinson of Susan Robinson Jewelry. The bracelet, which is usually made of gold, has diamonds that c... Read More »

How to Loom a Bracelet?

Handmade bracelets are very popular and can be made from many different materials, including raffia, ribbon and yarn. Yarn is the most common of those materials, because it is durable and comes in... Read More »