How much would you pay for this?

Answer Im not gonna lie to you, its like about 150-250 because the computer is pretty old, even if its brand new. the technology is old. ppl these days mainly buy pc for games and that pc is not going to do.

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Would you pay this much for this tee?

For 20$ you could pick something even cuter than that. You could get a plain grey shirt for around 10$ and write pink on it yourself with fabric markers. I wouldn't buy it.

How much would you pay for this macbook pro?

1,500 sounds like a fair-ish price. Personally, I'd like a bit more RAM for the money. Also, most sellers are expecting to be knocked down a little. Maybe offer 1200-1250 and see if you can get it ... Read More »

How Much Would You Pay For This T-Shirt?

no offence, but i think it belongs in a value village or a thrift store... kepp trying!

How much would you pay for this bracelet?

It really depends so much on where they are being sold. If you live in an artists community..or they are being sold at a little resort-esque town..with an art community (little adorable cobblestone... Read More »