How much would you expect pay for a food tasting day in Parma?

Answer As in Parma in Italy? 100/150, 200€ at most perhaps.

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How much can I expect to pay for food in Chicago?

Set a budget for yourself. Say you will buy a breakfast sandwich and a drink and spend 3 dollars for breakfast, buy a slice of pizza or a hot dog for lunch and spend about $20-25 for a night out at... Read More »

How much would I expect to pay to have a video edited?

The cost of hiring a video editor can cost as much as $200 per hour. How long it will take depends upon how well you have documented the raw footage and how detailed the working script is that the... Read More »

How much would one expect to pay for Bose Quietcomfort headphones?

"Bose is a high end, luxury line of electronics. The Quietcomfort headphones can be found for betwen $200 and $400 depending on the model and the store."

How much would you expect to pay for rewire on 2 bedroom house by UK electrician?

it depends on what is there already. if the existing wiring is buried in the wall within trunking they can just pull the wires through but if it has been plastered over without being in anything t... Read More »