How much would you charge?

Answer $125 a month, every day.

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How much would you charge for this tv?

Do NOT buy it...He isn't your brother.He's a con man or he's incredibly ignorant...Rolling lines in picture...snowy picture too?There are NO PARTS to repair Visio TV sets, no local repairmen, all y... Read More »

How much would you charge to clean my apartment?

For you, just gas reinversment. Sadly, flight tickets aren't cheap right now.

How much would a painter charge to paint a house?

To paint the interior of a house, a painter charges an average $1,100 to $2,000 for a 1,200 to 1,500 square foot home in 2009. A painter's estimate will inflate, based on factors such as crown mold... Read More »

How much would you charge at a yard sale for a white dining table w/tile in center, no chairs?

I would think you could charge more than $20 for the table, depending upon condition, of course. Good luck with your yard sale.