How much would it cost to run a 2kw/h electric radiator 24/7 for a month?

Answer look on your electricity bill and you will see the cost per kilowatt hour. multiply this by two and then 24 then by 7 and the answer will answer your question.

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How Much Would it Cost to Fix a Car Radiator?

The average cost to repair a car radiator is between $390 to $516. The cost will vary depending on the cost of labor at the repair shop and the model and year of the car you are repairing.Source:C... Read More »

How much would it cost to stay in Australia for a month?

Average cost of some things in Sydney (most expensive place in Australia)- Return train ticket within a close radius of city centre: $6- Cab fare from A to B both within city centre: $15-20- Take a... Read More »

How much would it cost for a month's supply of disposable diapers for 3 month old babies?

In a day ,considering you change your babies diapers 5 times a day ,you would require around 150 diapers a month.A good brand like pampers would cost you anywhere bw 40-45 $ a month.

How much is your electric bill every month, please answer?

We have a three bedroom home very well insulated and new windows. Our winter electric bill is roughly $120.00 and then our summer electric bill is about $320.00 (as of last summer). We have gas app... Read More »