How much would it cost to install solar heating for a 1700 sq ft cabin?

Answer You are making a wise move... Manitobe is the province that receives more days of sun per year than any other province in Canada! I wonder if you'd do well with wind power? I know the wind is stron... Read More »

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How much does solar heating cost?

According to a 2007 Cost Helper survey, solar heating costs range from $25,000 up to $100,000 or more, depending on the size of the building you're heating. If you install a single-room system your... Read More »

How much does geothermal heating cost to install?

In 2009, installing a geothermal heating system costs about $2,500 per ton of capacity. The California Energy Commission claims the average home needs 3 tons of capacity, making the cost of install... Read More »

What is the cost to install a central heating system?

Central heat installation can cost as little as $1,700 for a small home heated with a mid-efficiency unit. However, paying up to $14,000 isn't unheard of when installing a high-efficiency unit with... Read More »

How much would it cost to install solar panels for a school?

The first thing you need to do is find out how many KiloWatt*hours (KWh) that are used during the year. Then average that out into daily KiloWatt*hours. From the daily KiloWatt*hours you can determ... Read More »