How much would it cost to fix a totaled car?

Answer Being "totaled" is an insurance term that means that the cost of repairs exceeds the car's value. So a 20-year-old Chevy with $800 in damage might be totaled, while a new Mercedes would require rep... Read More »

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What happens when a car is totaled?

After a car is totaled, the insurance company pays the named insured the fair market value of the vehicle. If there is an outstanding loan, the first payment is to the finance company to settle the... Read More »

What happens when my car is totaled?

After your car is totaled, the insurance will sell it at a salvage dealer auction. With the title branded as salvage, the salvage dealer may repair and resell the vehicle or sell it for parts. You ... Read More »

How much is a totaled car worth?

On One Hand: Definition of "Totaled"A totaled car generally costs more to repair than it is worth. An example would be a car that is valued at $5,000, but would cost $6,000 to repair. Cars might be... Read More »

How do I Check the VIN of a Totaled Car?

Even if a vehicle has been totaled by an insurance company, you can still benefit from a vehicle history report if you intend to put the vehicle back on the road. Laws and requirements for a totale... Read More »