How much would it cost to book a cruise from seattle to alaska?

Answer The average cost of a cruise from Seattle to Alaska ranges from $450 to $870, per person. These prices are based on a seven day cruise, and vary depending on your cruise line of choice. A 14 day cr... Read More »

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Does homeland security require a person to book a cruise a number of days before the cruise begins?

Seattle Hotels by the Cruise Port?

Seattle, Washington is a popular port of call for cruise ships traveling up the Pacific Coast to Alaska. Seattle offers two ports, the Bell Street Pier-Pier 66 at 2225 Alaskan Way, and the Smith Co... Read More »

Small-Ship Boat Cruises to Alaska From Either Seattle or Vancouver?

Alaska is a vast state with everything from small fishing villages to towering peaks. Take a small-ship cruise that sails to Alaska from either Seattle or Vancouver and see a number of sites. Small... Read More »

Cruise to Alaska From Florida?

Sailors who want to cruise from Florida to Alaska embark on no small undertaking. Guiding a sailboat from the warm tropic and subtropic climates of Florida to the snowy wonderland of the Alaska tak... Read More »