How much would it cost for me to buy Google?

Answer 100x what Bill Gates have...either that or your soulall you have to do is make sure the owner is not a devil and sign the contract

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How much does a verizon family plan cost and what if i add another plan how much would that cost?

$30 per basic phone line $40 per smart phone line$50 for 1GB of data $60 for 2GB of data $70 for 4GB of data $80 for 6GB of data $90 for 8GB of dataIf you do not want 1GB of data you ... Read More »

If google cost 1p per 10 searches would you still use it?

Excellent question...If this money goes to something useful, yes...

How much would it cost and how long would it take to move my mansion twenty feet?

i think about $500.00 for about 8 sticks of TNT should do the trick

What kind of insurance would a small one man roof leak repair operation in NJ need and how much would it cost?

You will need to contact an agent or agents for some quotes on the ratings they also will be best equiped to advise you regarding the risks you should consider in protecting you and your business.