How much would auto insurance cost for a 15-year-old in Colorado?

Answer AnswerMost, but not all, insurance companies do not charge extra insurance for a person who has their learner's permit which is all you can have in Colorado at that age. If your insurance does char... Read More »

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How much would a 16-year-old female's car insurance cost?

Car insurance premiums vary according to many different factors including, age, gender, driving history, insurance coverage, deductibles, car type, car age, whether the vehicle is leased or owned, ... Read More »

How much would liability insurance cost a 14-year-old for coverage on a 110cc motorbike?

Minors and InsuranceSince most insurance companies will not insure minors or often those under the age of 21, the answer to your question would be $0. You should ask your parent or guardian for ass... Read More »

How much would liabilty insurance cost a 14 year old to go on a building sitr to do work experience?

What is the average cost of car insurance for a 17-year-old female in Colorado?

It depends on your car, driving record and amount of coverage you get.